Web-Based Asset Management

Grey Trunk RFID is a cloud based RFID asset tracking system. This gives you the power to view and manage your assets from anywhere with an internet connection. Web based asset management reduces the upfront hardware costs that are needed to store your data on premise. A cloud-based system also eliminates the hassle for you and your IT team to manage and update that hardware.

Secure cloud storage gives access to you and your employees via our asset tracking app or an internet browser. The mobile RFID asset tracking app runs on IOS or Android devices and is available in the respective app store. Via the mobile app you can manage assets, scan RFID tags or Barcodes, and perform an array of other actions all on your mobile device.

The web browser allows you to see all your asset details. You can also add users and manage their permissions via the web browser. Report creation and automation is done easily through a web browser and allows for access to your assets, due dates, and maintenance alerts. The responsive website can be access from a PC or Mobile browser.

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