Check in / Check out Asset Tracking

With Grey Trunk RFID asset tracking solutions, you have the ability to check in and check out assets. A User would be able to check out assets at certain times, changing the status of the asset and making it unavailable to other users in the system. Users also have the ability to reserve assets.
Using the Grey Trunk asset tracking app, this feature helps take the worry out of asset allocations. Giving users the peace of mind that the asset will be there when they need it. It also gives other users the ability to see where assets are checked out to and for how long they are expected to be out. This features empowers all members to utilize all the resources they have at their disposal.
The check in/check out process is a status setting per asset that users can set. Users can checkout assets themselves or for other users. An asset can also be checked out to a particular location. This gives organizations flexibility in the implementation of using the check in/check out feature.