Grey Trunk Barcode Asset Tracking System

Use any device to track everything, all the time. Grey Trunk is your all-in-one barcode asset tracking software.

Fully Automate your Fixed Asset Tracking

Spreadsheets and manual tracking are prone to human error. Ditch the sheets and eliminate manual processes by switching to a barcode asset tracking software with Grey Trunk to save time and cut down on lost and misplaced assets for good.

Grey Trunk barcode asset tracking app lets you get rid of manual processes

View Asset Information from Anywhere

Our barcode asset tracking system helps you eliminate confusion with lifetime individual identification for your assets. Check in and out single assets to a person or a place to know exactly where your inventory is—and who used it last.

Grey Trunk barcode asset tracking software lets you view asset information from anywhere

Check In and Check Out Individual Assets

With our barcode asset tracking software, you can eliminate confusion and ensure accurate asset tracking. You can check in and out single assets to a person or a place, ensuring you always know exactly where your inventory is and who used it last. Trust Grey Trunk's barcode asset tracking system to streamline your asset management processes and provide you with the insights you need to make data-driven decisions

Check in and check out assets with barcode asset tracking system

Built-in Barcode Scanner for Barcode Asset Tracking

Use your own mobile devices or existing equipment as a portable barcode scanner. Grey Trunk’s barcode asset tracking app eliminates the need for buying expensive and cumbersome additional hardware. This allows your organization to cheaply and efficiently track your assets.

Built in barcode scanner with Grey Trunk's barcode asset tracking app

How Do You Keep Track of Inventory with Barcode Asset Tracking?

Keeping track of your inventory with barcodes is a simple process with only four steps.

  • Choose the asset tags that best fit your organization’s needs.
  • Correctly apply the asset tags to the assets you wish to track.
  • Enter the information for your assets into Grey Trunk RFID’s data base.
  • Scan the barcode asset tags using Grey Trunk RFID’s built-in barcode scanner.

Keep Track of Inventory with Barcodes

What's the Best Barcode Asset Tracking Solution?

There are two main barcode symbologies known as Code 39 and Code 128. Both of these are known as linear, or 1-D symbologies. A few key differences exist between these two. When you're using Code 128, it features a built-in character check to help make sure that the barcode isn't misread. It also has a full set of ASCII characters. In addition, Code 128 barcodes (if they're made with numeric-only characters) can be made into shorter barcodes than their Code 39 counterparts. The Code 39 symbology is commonly used as a barcode solution in non-retail situations. However, it does not feature a character check. Either of these 1D symbologies can fit your asset tracking needs, it's just a matter of weighing the pros and cons of each.

Code 39 or Code 128, what's the best barcode asset tracking solution?

Two Dimensional Symbologies

This type of symbology has begun gaining traction because of how much data they can fit into a small space.
Data Matrix Codes:

  • Full set of ASCII characters
  • These codes feature redundancy that allows them to be read even if they're partially damaged.
  • Data matrix can contain a lot more data than 1D barcodes.
QR (Quick Response) Code:
  • These have more data than 1D barcodes.
  • QR codes are easily readable with your smartphone.
  • Their redundancy allows the code to be read even if a part of it is damaged.
  • They can be used for a static URL or a sequential number.

Two Dimensional Symbologies

Advantages of Barcode Over RFID

There are a few advantages to using barcode tags over RFID.

  • Metals and liquids can sometimes interfere with the signal of UHF RFID technology.
  • RFID readers may be more expensive than a barcode reader.

Advantages of Barcode Over RFID

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Grey Trunk is the best asset tracking software to manage and track your company's fixed assets. See how easy it is to get started!


Grey Trunk is your turnkey barcode asset tracking system. Here’s why you’re going to love it.


Barcode tracking cuts down on both lost and stolen items. And just think of how much time you’re going to save without your old manual system.

Accurate Data Capture

Eliminate human error and find out exactly where all of your assets are, all the time with each unique asset tracking barcode.

Cloud Based

Your inventory is always moving—so you need a mobile way to track it, too. Grey Trunk enables you to manage your assets anywhere and from any device.

Unlimited Users

Our barcode asset tracking software is designed to grow with your business, making it the perfect fit for your company’s unique needs.

Check Out and Check In

Track and manage your assets to see where they’ve been checked in and checked out—and by whom—with our barcode asset tracking app.

Quick Asset Addition

Instantly add assets to your system with easy-to-use unique barcodes and experience asset management without the headache.


Your Assets, Managed.

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