Grey Trunk IT Asset Management Software

IT inventory management software available in the palm of your hands so you can keep track of all your moving IT assets.

Remote IT Asset Management Software, Made Easy

Your IT equipment is always moving. Whether it is students using tablets for home learning or for your workforce using laptops for work from home. You need to know where your IT assets are at all the time. Grey Trunk RFID laptop asset management software makes this easy for you to manage. Using an asset tracking system, you can easily see where your assets should be located or who is accountable for them.

The best IT asset management software to keep track of remote IT assets

Goodbye Spreadsheets. Hello Cloud.

It is time to ditch the manual processes of managing your laptop assets with a spreadsheet. Keep your entire team on the same page by using an RFID asset tracking software built to grow with your organization. Accurate and up to date information at all times. A fixed asset tracking system built to scan RFID or barcode so you can choose the technology that is best for your organization.

IT asset management software uses the cloud to eliminate manual processes

Good Teamwork, Better Laptop Asset Management Software

With unlimited users, you can build your IT asset management system with no restrictions. Invite as many users as needed, with specific permissions, so your team can work seamlessly together all while keeping your data secure. An easy-to-implement laptop asset tracking software has never been easier to launch for your entire team.

IT asset inventory is made easy with unlimited users

Manage Your Laptop Asset Lifecycle

Use data to make the best business decisions such as when to retire assets or when to purchase new assets. Grey Trunk gives you the information you need to maximize your IT asset lifecycle and give you complete asset history whenever needed. Grey Trunk has everything you need for an asset management system - asset tracking software, asset tags, and readers.

IT asset lifecycle management helps organizations make better business decisions

The Best Laptop Asset Management Solution

Grey Trunk RFID makes it easy to manage every laptop in your organization. Easily check in and check out laptops to employees or students so you know where every laptop is at the click of a button. Using RFID laptop asset tracking for inventory, you can walk into a room and scan every RFID tag within seconds to know that your laptops are where they should be. An asset inventory audit report is generated to tell you what is found, missing, or misplaced.

The best laptop asset management solution to track assets with RFID

What Assets Should Be Tracked?

With the high prices associated with most IT equipment, it's a smart idea to track it with software such as Grey Trunk RFID. Listed below are some of the popular IT assets that our customers track.

  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Servers
  • Monitors
  • Wi-Fi Routers

What Assets Should be Tracked?

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Grey Trunk is the best asset tracking software to manage and track your company's fixed assets. See how easy it is to get started!


Grey Trunk provides everything you need for your IT asset management and tracking software


Integrates seamlessly with your current handheld devices—Grey Trunk just makes your life easier.

RFID and Barcode

Use the technology that makes sense for your school whether that is barcode, RFID, or a combo of both.

Check in / Check out

Check in and check out IT equipment with ease to always know where it's at

Custom Reports

Generate on demand reports or set up automated reports delivered straight to your email. Get the data that you need, instantly.

Past Due Reminders

Receive reminders and notifications when assets are past due for check in or schedule maintenance is upcoming.

Unlimited Users

Our asset tracking software provides access to an unlimited number of sub users so you can make sure everyone is able to manage your assets collectively.


Your Assets, Managed.

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