Restoration Equipment Tracking

The best way to keep track of equipment for restoration contractors using RFID or barcode technology.

Easily Track Flood Restoration Equipment

Never lose sight of your restoration equipment again. Know where your equipment is at or who is responsible for it so you are never caught off guard. Easily schedule maintenances to keep your restoration equipment readily available for when you need it the most using RFID asset tracking software

Equipment Tracking for water restoration

Always Be Prepared for the Unexpected

Never let a natural disaster or emergency catch you off guard. From dehumidifiers to air movers, always have your equipment prepared and ready for use for when your customers count on you the most.

Restoration equipment tracking using Grey trunk rfid

Restoration Equipment Tracking Management Software

Check out restoration equipment to specific job sites or employees as it leaves the facility and then easily scan the equipment when it returns. Know exactly who was responsible, the date it was checked out, and when it was due back. Chain of custody can now be achieved.

Increased Accountability using restoration management software

Streamline Your Operations

With our next-level RFID equipment tracking solutions, your organization can easily manage their inventory from the warehouse to a jobsite. Our check-in and check-out system helps to prevent losses. The power of Grey Trunk RFID makes the restoration process more efficient than ever before.

Streamline Your Operations

The Complete Restoration Equipment Tracking Solution

From our cutting-edge Grey Trunk RFID software to RFID readers and tags, we offer the complete solution to enhance your RFID equipment tracking. If you want to make the inventory management process for your restoration business feel smooth and efficient, you've come to the right place.

The Complete Restoration Equipment Tracking Solution

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Grey Trunk is the best asset tracking software to manage and track your company's fixed assets. See how easy it is to get started!


Grey Trunk RFID provides everything you need for your restoration equipment tracking software

Unlimited Users

Our asset tracking software provides access to an unlimited number of sub users so you can make sure everyone is able to manage your assets collectively.

Past Due Reminders

Receive reminders and notifications when assets are past due for check in or schedule maintenance is upcoming.

Check in / Check out

Check in and check out tools and equipment to employees or jobsites.

Preventative Maintenance

Reduce equipment downtime by scheduling preventative maintenance and repairs.

Automated Reports

Get custom automated reports sent directly to your inbox to keep you up to date on your asset's most important information.

Equipment Tracking

Everything you need to know about your tools and equipment using custom fields and asset status


Your Assets, Managed.

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