Grey Trunk Medical Asset Tracking

Track your entire facility’s asset inventory from anywhere, on any device. Grey Trunk makes medical asset tracking easy.

Keep Your Medical Devices Running

Can you really rely on your equipment in an emergency if you can’t track it? Use Grey Trunk asset tracking system to easily track medical devices to schedule maintenance and keep tabs on life-saving equipment constantly and instantly.

Medical asset tracking for the healthcare industry to keep devices running

Your All-In-One Healthcare Inventory Management System

From hospitals to research facilities, private practices to express clinics, now you can track your entire inventory from anywhere, anytime. Knowing the status of your equipment and supplies at all times means better patient care.

Healthcare inventory management system using Grey Trunk RFID asset tracking app

Quick and Easy Inventories (Without Disturbing Patients)

With the magic of RFID asset software, your team can scan an entire room instantly—without bothering your patients. Instead of rummaging through drawers for missing barcodes, now you can visualize your inventory in peace and quiet.

RFID healthcare asset tracking system for better asset inventories

Healthcare Asset Management for the Cloud

Empower your entire team with unlimited users at NO extra charge. With Grey Trunk, you can grant anyone the ability to access and manage your asset database. You won’t believe how efficient you’ll be with Grey Trunk.

Healthcare asset management with unlimited users

Start reducing your lost assets.

Grey Trunk is the best asset tracking software to catalog,track and take physical inventories of your company's fixed assets. Join us now to get your asset tracking project started.


Grey Trunk provides everything you need for your medical and healthcare asset tracking and inventory management

Save Time

Cut down time wasted on cumbersome inventory management at your medical facility to mere minutes instead of hours or days.

Cloud Based

Your biomedical equipment is always moving—so you need a mobile way to track it. Grey Trunk enables you to manage your equipment from anywhere, on any device.

Unlimited Users

Our medical asset tracking software is designed to grow with your business, making it the perfect fit for your hospital or clinic's unique needs.

Preventative Maintenance

Reduce equipment downtime by scheduling preventative maintenance and repairs to keep your operation running effectively.

Track On the Go

Automate and track your medical assets in the palm of your hand. If you have a phone, you’re ready to go.

Capture Data Instantly

Know where everything is in real time—all the time. Capture data instantly and effortlessly with RFID, so you can focus on patient care.


Your Assets, Managed.

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