Asset Tracking for Financial Institutions

The all in one asset tracking software to help banks and financial institutions manage their fixed asset inventory.

Manage Multiple Branches with Ease

Do you know how many fixed assets are at each of your bank's branches? Get rid of the manual processes and keep your asset inventory up to date by adopting an asset tracking system to save you time and money while doing asset inventories.

Using an asset tracking software you can manage multiple branches

Increased Visibility of Fixed Assets

Managing multiple branches is hard and knowing how many assets are at each branch is harder. Have increased visibility and up to date information on every asset at every branch. Eliminate the manual processes and utilize RFID asset tracking for a more efficient inventory process.

Asset Tracking App for Banking and Financial Institutions for easy inventory

Physical Asset Inventories Done Instantly with RFID

You shouldn't be dreading taking asset inventories. Using Grey Trunk RFID asset tracking app, you can complete asset inventories in minutes. Simply tag your assets and perform inventory scans using our compatible RFID reader to give you instant audit reports.

RFID asset tracking app that performs inventory scans in minutes

Track Asset Depreciation

Multiple depreciation models built right into Grey Trunk including Straight-Line, Sum of Years, and Double Declining methods. Choose the best method for your organization to have a better understanding of the net value of your assets. Make better decisions on when to sell and when to buy new assets.

Asset depreciation built into Grey Trunk asset tracking management system

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Grey Trunk is the best asset tracking software to manage and track your company's fixed assets. See how easy it is to get started!


Grey Trunk has everything your need for your financial institution to keep track and manage your fixed capital assets.


Use one of many models to track asset depreciation right from Grey Trunk

Multiple Locations

Know what assets are at every branch all from the Grey Trunk dashboard

Unlimited Users

Our asset tracking software is designed to grow with your business, making it the perfect fit for your company’s unique needs.

RFID and Barcode

Use the technology that makes sense for your business whether that is barcode, RFID, or a combo of both.

Cloud Based

Your inventory is always moving—so you need a mobile way to track it, too. Grey Trunk enables you to manage your assets anywhere and from any device.

Custom Reports

Generate on demand reports or set up automated reports delivered straight to your email. Get the data that you need, instantly.


Your Assets, Managed.

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