EasyRFID RFID Asset Tracking System Bundle

The easiest RFID tracking system. Easy Pricing. Easy to Use. All in One Convenient Bundle.

Introduction to RFID Asset Tracking Systems

RFID asset tracking systems are revolutionizing how businesses manage their fixed assets. These systems offer an efficient method to track and manage fixed assets. RFID asset tracking systems utilize RFID tags attached to assets and handheld readers that capture data from these tags. The EasyRFID bundle is the most cost effective and most convenient way to get started with your fixed asset tracking project.

RFID hardware and software as fixed asset tracking bundle

Elements of a Complete RFID Tracking System

A complete RFID tracking system comprises essential components: RFID hardware and software. The hardware includes tags and readers. Tags store the unique asset tag ID, while readers capture and relay this data. The software component is critical for interpreting the data collected by the hardware. An RFID kit typically contains all the necessary components to set up a basic RFID system. Check out our comprehensive guide.

The complete RFID tracking system - RFID hardware and software

The Benefits of Buying an RFID Bundle

An RFID bundle offers numerous advantages, particularly for businesses looking to streamline their asset tracking processes and get started quickly. The EasyRFID bundle includes both RFID hardware and software and RFID asset tags, providing a complete solution for fixed asset tracking needs. Additionally, choosing a bundle can be cost-effective compared to purchasing individual components.

RFID kit that includes RFID hardware for RFID asset tracking system

How it Works: RFID Asset Tracking in Practice

To illustrate the practical application of RFID asset tracking, here is an example. RFID tags are attached to each asset. The RFID hardware, which is a bluetooth RFID handheld reader, is used to capture the tag data from a range. The software component then processes this data through the iOS or Android app, providing an instant inventory audit.

RFID asset tracking system example

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Easy Pricing. Easy to Use. All in One Convenient Bundle

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Bluetooth RFID Reader

The bluetooth RFID reader easily connects to an Android or iOS device for RFID scanning.

RFID asset tags

The best RFID asset tags for either nonmetal or on-metal applications are constructed with the highest quality materials.


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